About Us

VOT is an eyewear consultant company that was born out of years of experience representing major companies in the eyewear industry. Nora as VP of Product development at Marcolin Eyewear for over 25 years and Fabio as Commercial Director at Marcolin and Kering Eyewear for over 10 years, joined forces to create Vision of Tomorrow.
A company that is all about innovation, premium customer service, lightning speed time-to-market and creation of products that are also sustainable to the environment.

Our Vision

Is to become the leading eyewear service provider, bringing the latest innovation to our clients with our depth market knowledge and our vast industry experience. We are dedicated to offering quality products, excellent service, a vision for trends, fashion and technology at competitive prices.

The Team

Nora Cabrera

Recognized as a product development expert. Nora Cabrera, COO of VOT (Vision of Tomorrow) is highly successful and experienced with over 25 years of accomplishments creating and manufacturing exclusive eyewear collections.

Fabio Ferracane

A proven sales management expert in the development of Luxury and Fashion eyewear in the always changing Latin markets. Fabio Ferracane CEO of VOT has established an impeccable career over his 15+ years of experience in the Eyewear Industry.